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Sometimes Jesus Seems Offensive

September 7, 2018

Luke 8:40-56. 03:20 The people you love change the way your brain works. 03:45 Your belief system, Who do you love? Who loves you? What do you love? 06:25 Dopamine sources. 07:25 Looking at Jesus. He was offensive for a number of reasons. Early 30's. 09:00 Jesus has no formal education. 09:40 From Nazareth. No legitimacy. 10:25 Jesus is joyful. (John 15:11). 11:00 Jesus is peaceful. (John 14:27). 11:35 Jesus left behind at Temple. 13:45 Jesus not the only child of Mary and Joseph. (Matthew 13:55-56) 15:25 A supernatural experience does not necessarily change your faith forever. 16:05 Jesus before High Priest (John 18:19-23) 17:30 Jesus breaks with tradition. 18:45 Jairus and the Centurion live in Capernaum. Centurion servant healed (Luke 7: 1-10) 20:49 Was your daughter sick yesterday? 22:15 Where is your faith? I can heal at a distance. 23:30 Jairus has 2 problems. 23:59 Widow of Nain has son raised from dead. (Luke 7:11-17) 25:40 The girl is not dead but sleeping. 26:15 If I were the Messiah and a self-promoter. 28:20 Why does he say she's sleeping? 29:50 These are not your friends. 30:09 Wealthy people have a problem. 30:30 Jesus not politically correct. 31:10 Jesus is giving people a way out. 32:49 Jesus not promoting himself using guilt or manipulation. 33:37 Nothing matters more. 34:05 Judgment against Capernaum (Matthew 11:23) 35:10 Jesus is looking for people who resonate with his goodness. 35:50 Jesus goes with Jairus into a hostile environment.36:27 Jesus is offensive, a stumbling block. 36:50 Is there someone in your life who offends you? Accused of lacking joy. 38:20 Why does Jesus clear the room before he heals the girl?
Photo of road with Redwoods by David Levy from Avenue of the Giants, Northern California.

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